It's a dream...

What an absolute pleasure it is to be able to put this record on the turntable. An outstanding original 1st pressing in beautiful condition. It's a dream to own this. I thought I'd have a listen to this baby on this grey friday afternoon while my son is sleeping. This is one of my favorite albums for sure. I always get positive vibes from the tunes on this rarest of jazz collectibles. The tunes are nice and have a very laid back feeling to them even on the faster ones. Just wanted to check in with one of these posts where I write about some moment where I put a record on the turntable or something else in the daily life. But back to the beauty that is playing on the turntable as I write this. The sound is stunning on this. It plays like new, with zero noise. Clean, crisp and smooth sound.

I'm very grateful that I was able to purchase this album, cause when I follow the market there hasn't been one single copy available in this condition since then. Jackie McLean has a sound of his own, that's for sure. He always plays with a lot of lyricism and smoothness. It's a silky, pleasant sound. The pianist Mal Waldron is a cat that I really like as well, and I need to check him out more. The drummer Ronald Tucker I haven't heard much from or about. He plays very laid back, very unintrusive. he just flows with the music. Simple drummer, with a simple sound that fits perfectly with the make-up of the tunes here. "Lover Man" is the last tune on which McLean plays great and a nice ending to a sweet, rare album. It's a record which I will treasure forever.

I've posted this LP earlier. If you missed that post you'll find it here:

Currently saving up a war chest for buying some albums. You will see which ones I end up buying here on the site. Stay tuned. Have a great Friday and weekend. Have a drink, listen to some jazz and relax. That's my plan anyway. Cheers!