A classic Miles album, a pleasurable experience.

The Miles classics on Prestige were among the first records I acquired 1st pressings of. I don't have them all, just a few. It was quite some time ago I listened to them, especially the featured album "Steamin' With The Miles Davis Quintet". It's a very nice album, and I really should listen to these Miles albums more, cause it's truly beautiful music. The copy I have is in superb condition and it sounds accordingly. It's actually one of the few albums I've bought in a real physical record store. I got a very nice price on it and the condition was perfect. Listening as I write to the first side of the album. A very good mix of tunes here, with the laid back opening track "Surrey With The Fringe On Top" paving the way for a medium-tempo, relaxing few minutes, and then that half-sleepy, sweet moment is shattered with a great, high energy take on Dizzy's classic "Salt Peanuts". Then a wonderful, brushy ballad appears named "Something I Dreamed Last Night", on which Miles plays beautifully. A highly satisfying and complete Side 1.

Now, let's flip the disc. First tune, "Diane", it's unmistakable Miles. His tight, yet lush muted trumpet work is a pleasure to experience, especially when my system makes it feel like he's in the room with me. Coltrane then comes in and takes a solo which only he can. A perfect start to Side 2. Next tune is Monk's standard "Well, You Needn't", a nice tune, which is highlighted by Miles' unmuted trumpet playing, no point in denying it, while muted trumpet is quite nice sometimes, the unmuted instrument is more appealing to me. But if someone can make a muted trumpet sound absolutely beautiful and interesting, it's the leader of this album. And, the last tune "When I Fall In Love" is a testament to that, another sweet ballad with the trumpet muted. It's all good, cause it's Miles Davis.

I'll try and post more frequently, but I've found free time hard to come by in the last few months. I'm currently in the process of saving up a sizeable budget to buy more albums. I've already acquired an original copy of "True Blue" earlier this year, so the 2016 collecting year went off with a bang. Now it's time to get to work on getting some other nice stuff as soon as possible.

Have a nice Sunday, stay tuned for more great LP's from my personal collection and I'll concentrate on getting over the cold I've been stuck with for over a week.