Chet and his Crew will take you on a cool, smooth ride.

Here's a classic Chet Baker album on the Pacific Jazz label. It's a highly enjoyable album, with Chet in excellent form. He plays cool as usual. You put this on, and dream away to sunny California in the 1950's. Maybe relaxing on a boat like the one with the Crew on the front cover. I truly dig these early Chet albums. He's got a clearer more urgent sound than in his later days. I appreciate his whole career and output though, even his later stuff on small European labels when he was down and out.

I dig Phil Urso on tenor sax. He's got a really nice sound. I had totally forgotten that Bobby Timmons (piano) was on this. I love his playing. He's on some other very nice albums that I have. This album's got a nice feel to it which is great to experience again since it's been quite a long time since I listened to it last.  There are a lot of nice tunes. Overall, I think I prefer Side 2. I think this album is quite rare. I haven't seen a bunch of copies each year from what I can remember. You should definitely check it out if you're unfamiliar with it. For any Chet fan it's essential. Have you got any opinion on this album? Please, share.

I actually got some sweet minutes of listening this weekend which was very nice. I listened to this Chet gem and also an exciting, newly purchased Blue Note rarity which I will post here on the site in due time. Next week it's Easter and I will have a few days off. Then I will try and get some more listening done. Have a wonderful day/night and stay tuned for more hot/cool jazz vinyl.