A smokin' session.

There are a lot of great Blue Notes sessions. For me, this is one of the best. A superb date. You get a great taste right from the get-go with the opening title tune. It's just so flowing and brilliantly executed by all of the players. The one that sticks out is Freddie Hubbard, who is a virtuoso, plain and simple. His improvisational brilliance and clear, beautiful tone is something else. Probably almost equal to Lee Morgan in my view. Great punch and technique. This is, for me, essential music to own in any form. My preferred form is of course a 1st pressing vinyl copy, which I show here, in fantastic condition. 

This is the first album post from the new apartment. 4059 sounds absolutely wonderful on the new, updated system. Every detail is present and audible. I've found for example that the cymbal and hi-hat work is coming through with such more clarity with the new stuff. Louis Hayes brings it to me with such style. I really dig his drum work. I'm over the moon to have this new setup and will not feel the need to upgrade anything ever again.

This album is truly one to set your sights on if you haven't got it yet in your collection. It's the latest released Blue Note which I have an original 1st pressing of, so far. My focus has been earlier releases first and foremost. I haven't really explored many titles post this release. There are so many titles I want released pre this one so I think this is as far as I'll go for a while now in the Blue Note catalogue and I will instead focus on some earlier titles. But the early 4000 series is absolutely amazing, no doubt. I have only a handful of titles from this series and I intend to get a few more. First though, I'm keen on adding a few more from the 1500 series.

At this moment I'm waiting on a new album. It's a sweet one for sure. It's a Prestige this time. Stay tuned, and you'll find out which one. Right now, it's about 9 P.M. here in Stockholm and I have just put The Return Of Art Pepper on Jazz:West on the turntable. Have a great, jazzy rest of the weekend. I know I will.