We have now settled in the new place, at last. All the hard work is done and I have been able to set up my turntable today and brought my records home from storage. Today I've also had the pleasure to finally upgrade my speakers, mono cartridge, amplifier and tube box. I already have a top notch turntable, but the other stuff was ok but now, everything is top of the line. Which is the right way to go of course to get the most out of all of my wonderful albums. I have tested the setup a couple of hours ago with several albums and the sound is nothing short of magical. What a difference compared to the last setup! The clarity and the details are phenomenal. The speakers are superb, made in Sweden from Ino Audio, and the new mono cartridge is one of the best in the world, handmade in Japan from Miyajima Lab. My old cartridge is also a Miyajima Lab which is called "Kotetu" (0.7 mil), but this new one is their top of the line and it's called "Zero" and has a 1.0 mil stylus which rides perfectly in the 1.0 mil grooves of my old records. Like I said, the details and clarity it produces together with the rest of the new stuff is amazing. I've added images under the equipment post in the menu.

Here are the details:

Turntable: Modified Lenco L75 with oak plinth, Cartridge: Miyajima Lab "Zero" mono 1.0 mil conical pure diamond, Tonearm: Newly constructed Ortofon RF297, Speakers: Ino Audio piP in oak, Amplifier: Dynavox VR-307BT, Tube phono preamplifier: Pro-Ject Tube Box DS.

Stay tuned for some great, rare jazz LP's very soon.