One of the rarer Pepper titles.

This is a very rare Art Pepper album. I've seen it only a handful of times for sale during my time collecting jazz vinyl. All the early Pepper albums on the smaller labels are rare, but this one is probably one of the rarest, especially when it comes complete with the two music sheets. I dig that concept, as with Transition LP's with the booklets. And for me, the package is only complete with those little bonus pralines. I would actually hesitate to buy this album without the music sheets, and would wait for a copy with those included. I won't ever use them for practising my alto chops, but as the hardcore 1st pressing fundamentalist that I am I have to have those included, the same with the Transition booklets. It's pretty crazy isn't it? But how wonderfully crazy it is.

My copy of this record has a pretty beat up jacket, but almost all Tampa jackets of this particular title seems to have splits and so on. I don't mind, because the vinyl is pristine and it comes with the rare music sheets as mentioned. To me, it seems very difficult to find this title complete with music sheets. I know I've seen it a couple of times only. Can any of you guys recall seeing it more than a couple of times? It's a superb session as with all the early Art Pepper albums. He is, as I've probably mentioned before one of my most beloved jazz musicians. I now have almost all of his early titles that interest me the most. A couple are missing, but I'm on the case.

I highly recommend this LP. The music is beautifully executed. Art Pepper just seems to breeze through the tunes as he delivers one beautiful note after the other. He's such a natural player. Everything sounds so easy and pleasant when he plays. He can improvise with astonishing technical brilliance and lyricism from the first second to the end of time. All the tunes are a pleasure to listen and relax to. If you haven't got around to this album yet, don't linger. Try and seek it out as soon as possible. Don't miss this gem.

The current collecting status is as follows; I've been trying to get my hands on a particular Prestige title that is one of my favorites, a superb album. I bought a copy, but it didn't quite measure up to my high standards. It's in ok condition, but for what I paid for it, it didn't meet expectations. But I have just now, today, about an hour ago bought another copy, which should be in great condition. Can't wait for it to land on my doorstep. I will post that, if I'm happy with the condition, as soon as I can. I will also try and get my hands on one more collectible before the year is over. Stay tuned for those updates. Now, go and put some Art Pepper on the turntable. Have a great rest of the weekend. Cheers!