A relaxing, moody and romantic Chet album.

Very relaxing LP by Chet Baker. Chet is one of my first loves in jazz. This record is one of his best. It consists of nice ballads played beautifully by the following personnel: Baker (trumpet), Pepper Adams (baritone sax), Herbie Mann (flute), Bill Evans (piano), Kenny Burrell (guitar), Paul Chambers (double bass), Connie Kay and Philly Joe Jones (drums).

Chet's lyrical, smooth, romantic approach to the trumpet is flourishing here. He's a ballad master, and really captures a nice feeling on all the tunes. I love his style of playing, all the way through his entire career. He plays with feeling. Pepper Adams on the baritone sax is truly great on this LP. I absolutely love his playing as well. I have far too little material by him in the collection. His playing is robust, yet lyrical. His tone is warm and takes a lot of space. I have some other records which he's on, but I need to explore him further for sure. He's really enjoyable and makes the baritone a really pleasant instrument to listen to.

The other cats are top notch as well, of course, with such names as Bill Evans, Paul Chambers, Philly Joe Jones and Kenny Burrell, how could you go wrong? Even the concept of jazz flute, which I haven't been the greatest fan of, Herbie Mann makes me a believer of. At least on this album.

If you're looking to collect a few Baker albums and want to pin point some of the very best material, this album is a very nice start. It's Baker at his best, playing lyrical, with a lot of feeling and it puts you in a very relaxing mood, perfect for a late, lazy Sunday afternoon.

Stay tuned for more nice jazz...