A very rare live LP worth checking out.

Superb album with George Wallington playing at the Café Bohemia in New York on September 9, 1955. The all-star lineup consists of the following: George Wallington on piano, Jackie McLean (says McClean on the back slick. Well, he sure does play clean), Donald Byrd on trumpet, Paul Chambers on double bass and Art Taylor on drums. Doesn't get much better. The sound on this is suprisingly good for a live recording from the 50's. But you don't expect less from Rudy Van Gelder who recorded this wonderful album.

This original 1st pressing is very rare to say the least. Extremely hard to find, and you almost never see it for sale. Happy of course to have it in the collection. Just listened to it, and it's a nice set of tunes on this. Favorites are "Jay Mac's Crib" and "Minor March". An energy filled performance which makes you wanna go back in time and sit there at The Bohemia, sip a drink and enjoy some magic. You should definitely check this one out if it's new to you. An original is maybe too hard to acquire, for it's rarity and price tag, but this music should make it's way into your collection, original, reissue or in another format. Superb stuff.

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