A touch of Cuba.

This beautiful 10" LP is one of my favorite albums. Of course, much for my love of Kenny Dorham, but also, the music on this is something special. It has a very rhythmic feel to it, greatly because the conga playing of Carlos "Potato" Valdes throughout the album, and also the approach to the tunes that are influenced by the music of Cuba. You get a caribbean feeling, a rhythmic, pulsating atmosphere, that makes you wanna just sip a drink in a bar on a beach on some Carribean island. Anyway, it's phenomenal. The tunes are great, and that special, Cuban touch makes this a treat.

The copy I have is in great nick and is, of course, a 1st pressing. It's very rare and seldom comes up for sale in any condition. Very happy with my copy and I'm tempted to put it on the turntable quite often. I'm listening to it right now and there's some warmth and sunshine in Stockholm (can you believe it?) right now, so it's quite a nice setting.

The personnel on this are, Dorham on trumpet, Jay Jay Johnson on trombone, Hank Mobley on tenor sax, Cecil Payne on baritone sax, Horace Silver on piano, Oscar Pettiford on double bass, Carlos "Potato" Valdes on conga and Art Blakey on drums. In other words a great line up. I think it's cool that Mobley is on here, to hear him in a little different environment, with this Cuban touch going on.

By the way, I purchased another great Dorham LP last weekend, which is a truly great one. And rare. I will post that here on the site sooner or later. As always, stay tuned and feel free to comment or contact me about anything. Enjoy your Saturday, spring is here!