As cool as it gets.

Just look at the cover, one of my absolute favorites. Chet Baker looks so young and untainted. The very first 10" that Pacific Jazz released. A classic line-up with Mulligan and Baker together with Bob Whitlock and Chico Hamilton. This album is truly a piece of jazz history. An important album, cause it represents the beginning of two great artists' careers. For me, especially Bakers as he is one of my all time favorites. This music is very special, it sounds like nothing else. Together, Mulligan and Baker created magic. They play off each other with such precision, ease and feeling. A cool version of jazz that sounds as fresh today as it did then. This album was recorded in 1952 and released in 1952 or 1953. It is therefore probably one of the earliest record I have.

It's cool, it's smooth, it's melancholy, it sets an old-timey vibe. It makes you wanna sit there at The Haig in L.A. at a small table with a drink and a cigarette and just relax to this splendid, ground-breaking quartet that is truly one of a kind. The first tune "Bernie's Tune" lays the foundation to a superb little ten-incher. It's smooth, moody and sweet. I can just touch upon the feeling and reason why I listen to jazz and love it so much. The sound is warm and very pleasant when the LP continues with the tune "Walkin' Shoes", and it just continues this way, tune after tune. Great, calming cool jazz with a distinct originality. My favorite song on the whole album is got to be the beautiful ballad "Lullaby Of The Leaves" where Chet plays the way only he can.

This is a wonderful album which is not that hard to get your hands on at a fair price. Many of the Pacific Jazz albums can be found at a reasonable price. Which is great news for once, but maybe these little 10" gems will rise in price as the years go by, so get them while you can.

The weather is turning autumnish here in Stockholm, and I'm looking forward to the fall with great excitement because I have some nice albums on the purchase list which will be dropping by in the coming months. One of them is already on it's way and should be here in the beginning of next week. It's a great album, very rare and in pristine shape. Hold your breath...