A great Dorham album.

Kenny Dorham, one of my favourite jazz trumpeters, graces this rare LP from 1956 on the ABC-Paramount label. A great session. Many fine tunes. You gotta love "Don't Explain", Billie Holiday's beautiful ballad. I also highly dig the opening tune "The Prophet". This album is very rare. Quite seldom comes up for sale in acceptable condition. If you see a copy and are able to buy it, don't hesitate. If you dig Kenny Dorham this is a must. I've always had a sweet spot for him, dating back to, I guess, the first time I heard Quiet Kenny, which is his masterpiece, I think. This album is one of many great Dorham records. I have far from all, just a few. I'm quite keen on the one on Jaro for example. I'll be looking for that when the oppurtunity comes along and I have the money at that particular moment.

That's the thing, I think I've mentioned this before: You have a list of highly desirable albums which you would want to have, but you don't always have the cash at that moment when it pops up, or you have the cash, but are in the middle of saving up for a higher priced item which you have promised someone you will buy at a set moment. There's so many great albums I want but you have to take these rare pieces one at the time, and decide which ones you want the most, and which are available. To resist temptation everytime an album pops up on eBay maybe. To continue save up for the ones you've picked to buy from a source and not get too eager and splash out some cash on a few lesser priced but desirable items. It's difficult to master, when you are always on the hunt and following eBay and other places, to keep your sanity and be cool and buy the stuff you've set out to do. Difficult to resist temptation when you also know how rare certain great albums are and how seldom they come up for sale, even the low or medium priced stuff.

I tend to look for what is available at my sources and make up my mind on a few that I will buy one after the other, when I've saved up the money. But during the "saving up" time, which can be quite long periods due to the money it takes, I look at eBay and other places of interest and get tempted every week. So, the tempation to aquire a piece which your money can buy then and there is hard to resist. When you try and get the high-end quickly, like I do, the waiting can be tireing. I need my fix, you know? I guess it would be easier if I collected the lesser priced items for, let's say a year. Then I would end up with a hell of a lot more records and less time waiting between purchases. But I believe the really rare high-priced items are only going to rise in value each year, and I want to take some off the market before they are out of my reach.

I'm rambling, I know. But I hope you could understand some of what I wrote.


Allright, let's get into the Periscope thing. I've been thinking about making a live broadcast on Periscope when I receive my three recent purchases and do some box openings and revealing them in front of you guys, live. Periscope is a live video streaming app which you can find in the App Store, it's free. It's working on both the iPhone and Android devices. You'll need a Twitter account to use it I believe. But just create that for watching Periscope, like me. I didn't want a Twitter account but I wanted to watch some guys on Periscope so I created one. Just for watching Periscope, not for entertaning a Twitter page. You can watch me live at given time and see me opening the boxes and leave comments in real time which I can answer and tap the screen to make hearts of appreciation float up at the bottom right of the screen. You can also leave comments for the others watching. All comments written will appear on the screen, for me and everyone else watching. I was thinking, if I get 5-10 people or something who wanna watch this, then I'll do it. I will then announce the time of the broadcast here on the site. Please leave comments to this post if you want to make this happen. Just write "I'm in" or something. I hope we can have a good time on Periscope! Cheers.