Unfortunately I haven't got a single person wanting to do the Periscope live broadcast of some record box openings. I guess that Persiscope isn't that well known yet or maybe people just aren't interested in the idea. If anyone wants to do it, respond to this post. I will of course put up the records I have now received on the site, so you won't miss the gems, but it would have been nice to show them first hand to you guys when I open the boxes on live video. If 5-10 people respond to this post today in the next few hours and are game to do it, I will wait with the box openings until tonight, Stockholm time, and we'll do it then. Otherwise you'll see them in the coming weeks here on the site.

Here's the last post with details regarding Periscope:


Allright, let's get into the Periscope thing. I've been thinking about making a live broadcast on Periscope when I receive my three recent purchases and do some box openings and revealing them in front of you guys, live. Periscope is a live video streaming app which you can find in the App Store, it's free. It's working on both the iPhone and Android devices. You'll need a Twitter account to use it I believe. But just create that for watching Periscope, like me. I didn't want a Twitter account but I wanted to watch some guys on Periscope so I created one. Just for watching Periscope, not for entertaning a Twitter page. You can watch me live at given time and see me opening the boxes and leave comments in real time which I can answer and tap the screen to make hearts of appreciation float up at the bottom right of the screen. You can also leave comments for the others watching. All comments written will appear on the screen, for me and everyone else watching. I was thinking, if I get 5-10 people or something who wanna watch this, then I'll do it. I will then announce the time of the broadcast here on the site. Please leave comments to this post if you want to make this happen. Just write "I'm in" or something. I hope we can have a good time on Periscope!