You can’t go wrong with Lee Morgan.

This is my first “later” original Blue Note. Historically, I haven’t been focusing on these later Blue Notes in the 4000 series. But I have explored quite a few now and there are many superb efforts. This Morgan is of course one of them. They are much cheaper than the earlier releases in the 1500 and 4000 series so that makes them very attractive as well. When there is a choice between mono and stereo I’ll go for mono, so this copy is just that. It’s in superb condition and sounds wonderful. It came with the original shrink wrap but I removed it. My long-time readers will know that I have a special affection for Lee Morgan. Of all the great trumpeters in jazz he is my favorite. I have a few nice LP’s by him and this a very welcome addition to the collection. It captures him a little bit later into his career than I’m used to and he plays very mature and still showcases his brilliant tone and technique. All compositions are by Lee Morgan which really shows what a great composer he was.

The band consists of Morgan on trumpet, Wayne Shorter on tenor sax, Grant Green on guitar, Herbie Hancock on piano, Reginald Workman on double bass and Billy Higgins on drums. They sound great together. Except for Morgan the others don’t appear on any other original album that I have, from what I can recall. But as I start collecting a few more of these later Blue Notes I know I will end up with more albums with these players. I know Billy Higgins for example plays on many albums from the 60’s. I dig his style of drumming. Looking forward to more albums featuring him. Wayne Shorter plays great and some more of his output is also worth checking out of course. I’m not a super big fan of guitars in jazz and I don’t own many albums with a guitar player but Grant Green sounds really good and I enjoy his playing. Listening to jazz guitar is a nice change up from time to time. Herbie Hancock I know of of course, but I haven’t explored much from him as of yet. I’m sure I will dive deeper into his catalogue sooner or later.

Overall, this album is very nice indeed with a little different sound and feeling than most of my other albums. I’ve been slowly getting into some later recordings from the Impulse! catalogue for example, some stuff from the later Blue Note 4000 series and even later stuff from different labels. I seem to find a lot of good music there. Albums from the Impulse! catalogue in particular I’ve been enjoying a lot lately. Coltrane of course, but other stuff as well. McCoy Tyner’s trio efforts for example. How does the saying go… so many records, so little time. Certainly rings true for me. I’m enjoying a few hours by myself right now and I’m taking the opportunity to listen to some records and just relaxing. These moments are rare so I’m really enjoying the moment.

Some questions for my readers: What’s your take on this Morgan album and how do you think it holds up compared to his other work? Some of your favorite “later” (let’s say from 4100 and onwards) Blue Notes?

Spring is in full bloom here in Stockholm and summer’s not far away now. I’m looking forward to a sweet summer vacation, which I’ve been saving up for for many months now. Can’t wait!

Stay tuned for more albums from the collection. Have a great day! Cheers…