An all-time classic.

This of course is a great record and one of the best known recorded jazz sessions of all time. I feel it’s very enjoyable. A superb effort. I like the laidback feeling throughout and the sound. But I appreciate a lot of other records just as much. It’s not like it’s completely outstanding to me. So for me musically, this a record with no higher status than a lot of my other albums. But again; it’s a superb album, no doubt.

This is the only Columbia record in my collection. Will it stay that way? Who knows. Probably not though. I haven’t listened to it in ages. Except for maybe ”So What” digitally a few times between the vinyl sessions. What a fantastic tune that is. The intro is sublime and when Miles solo finally starts it’s just so smooth and deeply satisfying. To put this album on the turntable today was a nice revisit. Listening to ”All Blues” as I write this and the sound is excellent I must say. Love the crystal clear sound of Jimmy Cobbs ride cymbal.

Bill Evans is on this which alone makes this album worth having. As well as Coltrane. All the players are all stars though.

”Flamenco Sketches” which closes the 2nd side is beautiful and quite special.

Anyone who has something they want to add about this album is most welcome to share their thoughts.

I have started to save up for a grand summer vacation. But I will do my utmost to set aside some dough for some nice album as well. We’ll see what happens.

Treasure your vinyl folks. Cause it’s just as imperfect and fragile as life itself and therefore beautiful. Stay tuned…