A Lexington Blue Note... lovely.

It's refreshing to put this album on the turntable. It's by an artist who doesn't feature on any other album that I have. I'm talking about J.R. Monterose and he played the tenor sax. And boy could he play it well. I really dig his style. He had a voice of his own.

This is his debut as a leader and it is a Lexington Blue Note. For me, a Lexington Blue Note in great condition is the crème de la crème of vintage jazz vinyl collectibles. They feel truly genuine, the real deal, with all the attributes an original 1st pressing has. I only have a few of them to date but I'm aiming to acquire some more of course. But I'm very proud to own the ones that I've got already. I really appreciate my collection as it stands. All the albums I've managed to collect up to this point. It's a beautiful thing.

Ira Sullivan is the trumpeter on this date. Haven't heard much of him as of yet. I think I only have one other album on which he appears and that is the Red Rodney on Signal. He plays great! The rest of the cats are very good as well with the great Horace Silver on piano, Wilbur Ware on the double bass and 'Philly' Joe Jones on the drums.

There is something about putting a Blue Note of this vintage on the turntable. It just feels special. And the fact that it's an early title in the 1500 series just makes it even more special. I'm a happy man, sitting here listening to Side 1 as I'm writing this.

It's a great album. Lovely hard bop. If you're unfamiliar with this one, check it out. It doesn't disappoint. All the tunes are very good and pleasurable. A solid session.

At the moment I'm saving up for a summer vacation with the family. So the amount I will be able to spend on vintage jazz albums will be somewhat limited for a while. I'm looking forward to the summer vacation as well as the next jazz vinyl purchase.

Until next time, have a great time listening to your vinyl collection... cheers!