A great session that will not disappoint...

Here's a very enjoyable album from 1957 with a great line-up, featuring John Jenkins on alto sax, Cliff Jordan on tenor sax, Bobby Timmons on piano, Wilbur Ware on bass and Dannie Richmond on drums. It's excellent hard bop with a nice set of tunes, composed of originals and standards. It's an album which I've been after for some time. It's quite rare and doesn't pop up that often in great shape. My copy is in very nice shape, the vinyl plays as new and the jacket is nice but has some yellowing and a large preview copy stamp on the back slick.

This is truly a great set and the tunes are all very nice. Favorite tune is probably "Soft Talk". "Tenderly" is a nice ballad with superb piano solo work from Bobby Timmons. It's a perfect album to put on for a lazy Sunday afternoon. Just sit back with a cup of coffee and relax to the wonderful music. I really dig the work of the three leaders. I've been looking at buying Jenkins effort as a leader on Blue Note 1573 for example. A great album. Cliff Jordan is a favorite and I have his superb effort "Cliff Craft" on Blue Note 1582. His tone is round and strong much like a nice cup of coffee. Bobby Timmons plays on a few of the albums I have and he is a pianist who's style I really like a lot. He just flows effortlessly through the tunes with extremely nice rhythmic lines. I would love to hear him more in a trio setting. I know he recorded several trio albums during the 60's. I have a lot to explore there. The other two cats in the rhythm section plays wonderfully as well.

All in all a great album which you should definitely seek out if you are unfamiliar with it. The deep ocean of jazz is truly amazing in the sense that there are so many great albums to explore and enjoy. It feels like it will take me a lifetime to fully explore the art of jazz and it's large treasure of artists and their music.

I have been really fortunate this year to been able to add some albums I've been wanting for a long time. I have probably bought more albums this year than any other year. And it's all top notch stuff. I have some very nice titles to post here in the coming months and I'm really looking forward to that. One title is probably in my top 10 jazz albums list of all time and it's in absolutely amazing shape. Another one is a superb album on the Riverside label. But one particular title stands out a little, as one of the most coveted of jazz collectibles out there. It's a beautiful album. It will all be revealed in the fall... stay tuned!

Have a great Sunday everyone, and please leave a comment if you want. Maybe you have some thoughts on the Jenkins, Jordan & Timmons album? Have you got a tip for me regarding your favorite Bobby Timmons trio album? Have you scored a great album lately which you would like to share? Maybe you have seen some live jazz that moved you? I love the comments and discussions you guys provide, so feel free... Cheers!