Informal Jazz sounds great on this Friday afternoon...

I have taken the day off of work. Sitting here enjoying "Informal Jazz" by The Elmo Hope Sextet on Prestige 7043. It's a nice album. My boy is taking a nap, which he doesn't do much anymore, but I'm seizing the moment and getting some listening done. I'm grabbing every opportunity I can, cause these days it's hard to find the time.

I have some thoughts on what albums I will purchase next. Like I've mentioned, I'm getting hooked on the Bill Evans Trio albums on Riverside. So I'm hoping to add a few more to the collection before long. I only have "Portrait In Jazz", which is fantastic. Fingers crossed..

I'm wondering a bit how much you guys are listening to jazz on vinyl, in let's say a week? How many times, hours? I probably get a couple of hours per week worth of listening to my albums at the moment. Almost exclusively on the weekends. That's bound to change at some point, when the children grow up. Then I'll probably listen almost every day.

Looking forward to posting the next album here before long, stay tuned for that... have a great weekend folks. Cheers!