I'm still struggling to believe that I own this album...

When I started collecting 1st pressings of vintage jazz albums on vinyl little did I know I was going to be able to get my hands on a crown jewel like this. Considered one of the true holy grails among vintage jazz vinyl collectors. Very rare, very desirable and very good music wise. I've been very fortunate to be able to collect all the great pieces I have in my collection. Extremely fortunate. I've been able to save up cash and buy these records. I've been able to create a superb network of sources where I can find quality stuff. But to be able to purchase a copy of this album, it's just amazing... an amazing feeling. When I see it there on the shelf it's like a dream really.

It's of course a great album, with superb jazz piano trio music led by the great Tommy Flanagan. The other two cats are Wilbur Little on double bass and the great Elvin Jones on drums. This album is recorded in Sweden. It was recorded by the Swedish Metronome label originally and released as three EP's. I have the EP's as well in my collection. They should be considered the first pressings of course. But I like the 12" format put together here by Prestige and van Gelder more than the three small 7" 45rpm EP's which you need to change sides on so many times to hear all the tunes. And I'm not a fan of the EP format as much as I used to be. I have a lot of great EP's which are just put aside at the moment, cause I don't listen to them. But the music on them is absolutely fantastic. All the great Gullin tunes, and Rolf Ericson and Freddie Redd...and so on.

The sound is superb on this album and I just love all the tunes. It's really special music this. It's so nice executed from all three musicians. So playful, such soulful jazz piano trio music. I'm a big fan of the drumming of Elvin Jones on this album. He has such a nice touch and feel. Tommy Flanagan is the main man here of course and he plays beautifully. I also very much dig the bass work of the, perhaps largely unknown, Wilbur Little. It's jazz music at the highest level. This is certainly one of the greatest trio albums in jazz for me.

All in all I'm so happy to have this in my collection. Perhaps earlier than expected. The condition of the LP is great and a joy to put on the turntable. I will enjoy it for many, many years to come. I must say I'm so proud of my collection up to this point. If I stopped collecting right now, I would be more than satisfied with what I have. But I'm not going to stop. There are many more titles I really want which are so great. So I will continue to collect these amazing, historical artifacts for many years to come. Or at least as long as the budget allows me to.

Like I think I've mentioned before, this year has been very good for me in terms of acquiring wonderful jazz collectibles. I've purchased more albums than any other year. And the titles I've managed to find are truly great. Stay tuned for those in the coming months.

I'd like to know your thoughts on this album guys. Please, write away, the floor is yours...

Hard to believe it's only a month until Christmas. I bought some U.S. Christmas ale and some Ballast Point porter yesterday and I'm quite looking forward to trying the Ballast Point Mocha Marlin Winter Release. A glass of that and some Tommy Flanagan on vintage vinyl in the cold, dark Autumn evening should be a real treat.

I wish you a nice rest of the weekend folks. Cheers...!