The soundtrack to the last day of April.

Just checking in. Spring is in the air here in Stockholm and today I got around to listening to one side of Sonny's Crib. Beautiful album. The copy I have is a nice 1st pressing and it's spinning as I write this. This is one of those truly great Blue Notes. I'm lucky to have a copy, especially the version with both sides NY23. Coltrane is present on this which makes it a tad more interesting than your average Blue Note. A great soundtrack for this day which is the last day of April as we're sliding into May with not too long to go until the summer begins and vacation time is here. We have booked a trip to California which I'm looking forward to tremendously. I have some awesome stuff lined up for purchase after the summer and through the autumn and winter. Stay tuned for that, but in the mean time I will post records from my collection for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy your day/night and be sure to listen to some jazz. Cheers!