Dizzy's soundin' off, and it sure sounds great.

I have a thing for Dizzy Reece. I think he's an excellent trumpeter. All his albums in the Blue Note 4000 series are favorites of mine. I set a task for myself, to collect all of them. I've almost managed the task. These albums are highly recommended by me, if you haven't explored them yet. The whole album is superb, all tunes are highly enjoyable. Very nice sound on this as well. This LP really exemplifies the wonderful full, clear, brilliant sounds you can enjoy when listening to an original 1st pressing Blue Note.

How about the personnel on this gem? Well you can't go wrong with these cats: Dizzy Reece on the trumpet, Walter Bishop Jr. on the keys, Doug Watkins on the double bass and Art Taylor on the drums. It's quite nice for me, as I totally love Art Taylor's drumming, that he's on so many nice records. I think I've mentioned before I'm a drummer myself, so that is always close to my heart. I often listen to the drums and their different sounds when I listen to jazz. A particular drum execution, alone, can make me fall in love with a LP. Or get me into an LP, which is quite interesting. Art Taylor is one of my favorites, but I have others that I adore as well. Maybe I should create a new poll, top ten jazz drummers, what do you say?

The early Blue Note 4000 series is very interesting to me. Many extremely good albums in there. I have managed to aquire just a few of them, but I'm really looking forward to hunting down some more. Do you have a favorite album/albums in the 4000 series? Please share.

I have some top collectibles lined up for purchase in the coming weeks. I've also got my hands on a few early Pacific Jazz 10" albums that are on their way to me, so stay tuned!

From a grey and rainy Stockholm, cheers!