Art Pepper on Jazz:West, a nice addition to any collection.

This is a true gem. One of the best of the Art Pepper albums. A smooth, laid back west coast jazz album with lots of nice tunes. If you dig Art Pepper and his superb, cool approach to jazz, this is a must. The album bolsters a superb line-up with Pepper on alto sax, Jack Sheldon, whom I dig a lot, on trumpet, the wonderful Russ Freeman on piano, Leroy Vinnegar on the double bass and the superb Shelley Manne on drums. The very best of West coast jazz musicians, don't you agree? All the tunes are great, creating a nice mood and sound together, when you listen through the whole album. Almost all of them are Pepper originals. The favorite is perhaps "Minority".

This is of course an original 1st pressing. It's quite desirable among collectors I believe. I'm happy to own a copy. These early Art Pepper albums are quite hard to get hold of. So if you find a copy, in almost any shape, try and get it. I have been on the hunt for the Pepper albums on Jazz:West, Tampa, Intro and so on for quite a long time and I've managed to find some of them and I'm very happy about that. They very seldom surface. Art Pepper is one of my absolute favorites, so I will try and get them all.

Summer vacation is almost here, looking forward to that. I have some nice newcomers coming after that. So stay tuned for those. I will continue to post nice stuff that I have in the collection in the mean time. Cheers and have a nice rest of the weekend!