Hank Jones on Savoy

This is one of those superb LP's from the era which are not that expensive. Well, at least compared to other stuff. Great, tight sound on this. Van Gelder of course. Hank Jones on piano is the leader, and he has some nice personnel around him, with Donald Byrd on trumpet, the obscure trumpet player Matty Dice, whom I've never seen on other records, Eddie Jones, another cat whom I've never had the pleasure to listen to either and the great Kenny Clarke on drums. The set is very enjoyable to say the least, I love this album. I really love the Savoy label as well, but I do not own a lot of them. There are quite a bunch of great albums on Savoy that I need to acquire.

This album proves that there are albums out there, 1st pressings in great condition from the era, that are absolutely superb, that you don't have to empty your bank account for to get. This LP means just as much to me as any other of my records, and I hold it in very high regard. I think it's strange that a record of this calibre on this label can be acquired for so little. But that's great. There's still bargains to be had out there. I believe this album is quite rare, it's not like you see it every day in this condition.

A great album which you should have a look at if you haven't already. Nice hard bop that is smooth and relaxing. Favorite tune for me, is probably the last track, the ballad "Don't Blame Me".

Stay tuned for other great jazz pralines.