How cool is this LP? Very cool. This is one of the most coveted jazz vinyl rarities there is. The music is superb. The personnel are as good as it gets. The rarity of this original 1st pressing in this condition is immense. This is quite simply one of the greatest and rarest jazz LP's you can get your hands on and treasure in your collection. If you can have one of the rarest of the rare, this is it, in my opinion. Favorite tune is "Deep Night". I love the part when the trumpet comes in and the drums slides over to the ride cymbal. Pure magic.

Art Farmer, in my top 5 trumpeters of all time makes this LP a real treat. The other cats on this are the brilliant Jackie McLean on alto sax, the legendary Paul Chambers on double bass and perhaps the greatest hard bop drummer of all time, Philly Joe Jones. Perfect album all the way through. My kind of jazz. I need to acquire all of the material Sonny Clark recorded for Blue Note. It's all fabulous stuff, and very desirable among collectors and jazz lovers all over the world.

Oh, the cover... well, oozes coolness. It's an iconic image. An iconic album. If you don't have it, get it as soon as possible.

As always, stay tuned. Feel free to leave comments. Have a nice Sunday and I'll be back with more mouthwatering stuff soon.