A very rare Dizzy Reece.

I'm back after another extended period of not posting. Sorry to keep you waiting. I'm back with this original, 1st pressing gem by Dizzy Reece which is very rare. I very seldom see it for sale in nice condition. I dig Dizzy Reece a lot and I've set myself a target of collecting 4006, 4023, 4033 and 4046 which features Reece and I've now got the first three LP's. I'm very happy about that, as they are quite difficult to find. I hope to be able to add 4046 as well and also the one on Tempo which is almost impossible to find. I'm quite interested to find out what you all think about this LP, or the other ones on Blue Note and if you have any opinions on Dizzy Reece in general.

The personnel on this are Dizzy Reece and Donald Byrd on trumpets, Tubby Hayes on tenor, Terry Shannon on piano, Lloyd Thompson on bass and Art Taylor on drums. Very interesting mix of known and unknown (to me) players. Tubby Hayes I know about and is someone I really should look up more in depth. To me, this LP contains all of the ingredients that make up a good hard bop record. A very nice mix of tunes.

To be able to have this in my collection and put it on the turntable whenever I like is sweet to say the least. There's nothing like an original Blue Note. A question to you guys reading; do you fancy the Blue Note 1500 series material more or the 4000 series more, or both just as much? For me, I guess the 1500 series are a notch above the 4000 series, but the latter contains a hell of a lot of nice records, for sure. Like this one.

If you'd like to see other kinds of posts, where I talk about different things than just posting another LP from my collection, please let me know. Maybe you have certain questions for me or thoughts about jazz in general, past or present? All feedback is welcome.

News in the new arrivals department: I just purchased a very, very rare Blue Note that I will be posting here on the site later. A very difficult LP to find as a true 1st pressing which I was lucky enough to acquire last week. Keep a lookout for that.

"Patience is the best friend of a smart collector" a friend of mine put it. That's very true for me, as I need to save up for long periods to purchase the high-end gems, and I can't add as many of them to the collection, in let's say a year, as I'd like. But the thrill of receiving these LP's, maybe 5-7 times a year is worth the wait and hard earned cash, believe me. My gameplan, as I think I've mentioned before, is to concentrate on the big game first, now, when I have the funds and contacts and pick as many as I can, cause you never know what happens. The high-end stuff will probably keep rising in price, so before they are out of reach I'll try and get as many as I can. Plus, maybe I'll switch jobs or career path in the future where I will earn less. The kids grow and demand more money. The sources I have will not be around forever either. There's always eBay, and records will continue to pop up there, but the prices will rise I believe, and you need to get the ones you want as soon as possible. I wonder what a copy of BLP 4006 will cost in 10 years in this condition? It will be interesting to follow the market for the next decade.

Have a nice Halloween weekend and stay tuned for more nice vintage jazz vinyl 1st pressings from my collection.