John Coltrane's masterpiece "Giant Steps" on Atlantic 1311

This is the original 1st pressing of John Coltrane's "Giant Steps" on the deep groove black labels of Atlantic 1311. Wonderful condition on both vinyl and cover, with both being M-. What can you say about this album, other than it's a masterpiece. John Coltrane's playing is nothing short of superb on this beautifully recorded album from 1960. It's his debut album for the Atlantic label and was his breakthrough album as a leader.

It's just a phenomenal example of Coltrane's brilliance on the tenor saxophone. And a brilliant example of his ability to write superb original compositions. My favorite picks are the medium tempo effort "Spiral" and the title track. Great jazz by a master of his craft. The stellar ensemble that backs him up on this are; Tommy Flanagan on piano, Wynton Kelly piano on "Naima", Paul Chambers on double bass, Art Taylor on drums, Jimmy Cobb drums on "Naima".

I have quite a lot to catch up on when it comes to Coltrane. There's a lot of albums I don't have, both early ones and the later stuff on Impulse! records. That's something I'll need to remedy sooner rather than later. I dig him a lot. So, a lot of Coltrane on the wants list for sure. I'm really looking forward to exploring his works more. Can't wait. Most jazz lovers probably have this album in their collection, but if you don't, get it posthaste.

Which Coltrane album is your favorite?