"Quiet Kenny" by Kenny Dorham on New Jazz 8225

Another trumpeter, another amazing gem. An original 1st pressing of course. An album which is fantastic. The music is outstanding. Favorite pick is "Alone Together", where Flanagans piano is beautiful in the background. Condition-wise it's great. And very rare. Kenny Dorham is a truly great trumpeter. He has a personal style and sound which I love. He is joined here by Tommy Flanagan on piano, Paul Chambers on double bass and Art Taylor on drums. An all star lineup for sure.

I'm pretty happy with this new site, and the option that's available to leave comments on posts for visitors, which was not available on the previous site. That's one of the reasons I changed platforms. Plus, here I can display the images better, more hi-res and the layout is simpler, with a fully responsive design which will work on all devices. Also, there's a lot of options to put up stuff, galleries, movies, sounds and so on. I hope you enjoy the site, and have a good time visiting. I will try to post more superb original 1st pressings regulary, mixed with other stuff as well. Enjoy!