One of my latest purchases...

I thought I'd throw in a new addition to the collection. Dizzy Reece is truly great. He has a blistering tone that makes you a believer straight away. He's on my top 10 list of favorite trumpeters, maybe even top 5. I have a couple of albums by him now, and I'd like to collect all his early stuff. He made some albums in the Blue Note 4000 series, and this is one of them. "Star Bright" it's called, BLP 4023. This is my kind of stuff. A fantastic hard bop album with some of the greatest players I know, namely Hank Mobley on tenor sax, Wynton Kelly on piano, Paul Chambers on double bass and the delightful Art Taylor with the sticks in his hands. I haven't decided yet which tunes are my favorites, they are all superb, but the sweet and smooth "I'll Close My Eyes" is a highlight. The original 1st pressing that I have is in very nice condition and I enjoy it very much.

Dizzy Reece was born in Jamaica but then moved to London and worked in Europe during the 50's. His Blue Note stuff I'm thinking of focusing on first before I try and get some of the other stuff, which is maybe two records. I have to check out more in-depth what's worth looking up, but I know there is at least one non-Blue Note I would like to own.

If you haven't got any Dizzy Reece albums or haven't heard a lot of his work, then check him out. He's amazing. His albums on Blue Note are highly collectible, so an original 1st pressing in nice condition will cost a bit, but believe me, it's worth every penny spent.

Have you got any Dizzy Reece albums? Do you have a favorite? Please share.

More vintage jazz collectibles coming up...