Enjoying a day off by myself listening to jazz.

Sitting here on a day off listening to Thad Jones the Magnificent on Blue Note 1527. Smooth, laid back jazz. A great album. It's a privilege to have all these rare 1st pressings to put on the turntable whenever I like. The wife and kids are visiting some relatives, so I'm completely free to stroll around the apartment or sitting on the couch, listening to jazz all day. It's not easy to find time to actually sit down and listen for hours to the LP's I have when you have a family around you. I don't have a separate room yet either where I keep the turntable and records. I will have one eventually, and it will become easier then. When the kids get a bit older it will be easier as well. I think I will listen more and more to the records as the years go by. I will find more time to do so. So, at this moment I'm just enjoying myself, to be alone and just listen for some hours. Quiet downtime, brilliant. Next up: The Return of Art Pepper on Jazz:West 10.

I have been to vacation to Jamaica over the holidays and haven't posted during that period. It was a wonderful vacation with the family. Got some much needed sun and warmth. Recharging the batteries. Anyone wanting a relaxing, sun & ocean vacation should go there. The heart of the Caribbean. We went to Negril's Seven Mile Beach (south part) which had a very laid back vibe. Highly recommended.

The 2nd of January was the 1 year anniversary of this version of the site. During this time I've been posting many great gems from my collection. I will continue to do so for many, many years. It will be interesting to see what excitement this year brings. I've already bought and secured the first top rarity of 2016, just yesterday. It will arrive in a few days I believe. I will probably post that one quite soon. And if I decide to wait a bit to post it, another superb album will come up here instead. I'm very happy to have been able to secure that one, it's truly one of the hottest items on the vintage jazz vinyl collectors market. Can't wait to put it on the turntable and sliding it onto the shelf together with the other Blue Notes, for yes, it's a Blue Note.

I thought that I would start posting these kind of little update/current reflections posts in between the album posts, just to mix it up a bit. So you guys can get something else out of the site as well. I will be back with a nice rarity soon. Stay tuned!