A nice 10" Konitz from 1954.

I have a few 10" LP's. I love the format. Feels so genuine to put on an old ten-incher. This one is "Lee Konitz in Harvard Square" on Storyville from 1954. A great little gem. I love the image of Konitz without the glasses on the back slick. Superb front cover art as well. It's in quite good nick, some light surface noise and tics and clicks, but fully acceptable and enjoyable. I guess these old Storyville 10" LP's have more or less surface noise even if they are as new. These smaller labels usually are quite unreliable in terms of noise or not, even if the albums are in good condition. And if you can't stand a 1950's LP with some noise you're practicing the wrong hobby, right? It's part of the charm and the old timey feel and soul. God, I love vinyl.

The music on this baby is very nice. Mellow and relaxing even in the up-tempo parts. I really dig Konitz playing, it's so flowing and effortless. Very lyrical player. I have not explored Konitz at all really. I have this one and that's it. I really need to look up some more nice stuff by him. I'm very excited to what I might find.

The personnel on this are: Lee Konitz on alto, Ronnie Ball on piano, Peter Ind on bass and Jeff Morton on the drums. Favorite tune is, without a doubt, "No Splice". A great number with a superb theme. The other tunes are good too, they feel quite short and to the point. It feels like this album is a great way to get into Lee Konitz. At least to me. I'm ready for more.

Quick update on the new arrivals front: I have some really, really nice pieces coming up after the summer. I've secured one wonderful LP and two more are in line after that. High-end stuff. Maybe I will be able to squeeze one in before the summer, we'll see. In the mean time I will put up more LP's from my collection.

Are you ready for more superb albums/collectibles from the golden era of jazz? Stay tuned...