"Playboys" indeed...

Two of my absolute favorite jazz artists of all time together here on this wonderful album from 1956. Chet Baker, the artist I have the most records of, but I still need to get me some of the early ones on Pacific Jazz, for example. Chet is my first love when it comes to jazz trumpet. I love his style, both the early, more cleaner, brilliant sound as well as the later, drug-hazed, false teeth sound. Art Pepper, my favorite alto saxophonist after Bird also graces this recording. He and Chet has to be on my top 5 all time jazz artists list. I'm trying to collect all the early Pepper material also, and I have some of the good stuff in my collection now, but I'm still missing a couple of albums.

This LP is fantastic, with lots of nice tunes. Favorite pick on this is, without a doubt "Minor-Yours". A superb original composition by Art Pepper. Great, swinging cool jazz that makes you wanna move around a bit. This copy I have is in very nice, clean condition. With a NM-, or thereabouts, jacket and a M- record. This is among Chet Baker's and Art Pepper's greatest work I think.

I love west coast/cool jazz and the labels of the era that released that music, such as Pacific Jazz/World Pacific Records, Jazz:West and so on. If you don't have this particular album, I suggest you look it up, and that you try and find a decent original copy. Great stuff.

More nice records coming up, stay tuned. Feel free to comment and offer your own opinion on this LP or any other post on the site, cheers!